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Our focus on quality is also reflected in the guarantee period provided for AMB led lights. In contrast to the usual European or other countries guarantee period of 2 years.However, AMB on all led lighting products provides a 3-5-years guarantee on all its lighting products.Guarantee provisions for AMB  lighting products

AMB guarantees that your AMB lighting product will not be subject to any defects in terms of materials and finish, with the exception of normal wear and tear and within the framework of the applicable standards, within a period of 3 years (+ area for which guarantee applies) after the date of purchase.

The liability of AMB  in case of any claims on the basis of the guarantee will, as determined by AMB be limited to:

★ Repairing or replacing the AMB product, or refunding the purchase price on condition that the AMB product and packaging are returned, in their entirety, in undamaged condition to the point of sale or to a location specified by AMB together with a copy of the purchase invoice.

★ If the repair or replacement of a AMB  lighting product is covered by the guarantee provisions, the shipping costs incurred will also be reimbursed up to a maximum amount based on the rate agreed upon by AMB with its transport company. If the repair or replacement of a AMB lighting product is not covered by the guarantee provisions, shipping and administrative costs will be charged.

★ After AMB verify  it is because of quality issue . AMB will pay for the shipping fee for replacment

★ AMB may, based on its own best judgment, use new or modified parts to repair and/or replace the AMB product in question. Every replacement AMB product will be guaranteed for the remaining period of the original guarantee or for a period of thirty (30) days, depending upon which of these periods is longer.
This guarantee does not cover problems or damage resulting from: 
An accident, misuse, wrong application, unauthorised repairs, incorrect assembly or installation. 
Incorrect use or maintenance, use in violation of the product instructions or installation with incorrect voltage supply, unless such guarantee exceptions are not permitted on the basis of applicable legislation.

Guarantee claims will:

be dealt with via your point-of-purchase, or be dealt with via the guarantee procedure on the AMB website.

Limitation of liability

AMB cannot be held liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damage including, but not limited to, direct or indirect loss of income or information or for commercial losses resulting from any infringement of explicit or implicit guarantee with regard to your AMB  lighting product, even if AMB  was informed regarding the possibility of such damage.

Duration of implicit guarantees

Except when not permitted under Chinese  law, every implicit guarantee or condition regarding the sale or suitability of a AMB  lighting product for a specific use will be limited in duration to the duration of the applicable limited guarantee period of your AMB led lighting 
Consumer rights based on the law
Consumers have certain rights based on Chinese law when it comes to the sale of consumer goods. Such rights will not be impacted by the guarantee provisions set out in this summary of guarantee provisions.

No other guarantees

No other AMB  sales channel or agent or employee of any such channel or agent is authorised to add any change, extension or addition in relation to these guarantee provisions.

Guarantee period

In the European Union, a guarantee period of less than 2 years is extended to 2 years. However, AMB provides a 3-5-year guarantee on all its lighting products.

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