Private label

szAMB customizes LED Poultry light for professional users/ Wholesales /Installation company /Poultry Equipment company . Our R&D +engineering design department have deep technical knowledge and develops visions from idea to final product - always in close cooperation with our customers.

Based in Shenzhen China. There, we develop, produce and stock LED Poultry light for direct delivery to producers, retailers and wholesalers. Here, our product developers work in close collaboration with professional electricians / professional users/ Wholesales /Installation company /Poultry Equipment company


Are you looking for innovative or standard solutions or extremely high standard in LED poultry lighting ?

At szAMB we stock a large range of widths and depths that enable customized solutions. We work with you as a manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler to meet the needs and application techniques demanded by the client and the professional user. No matter the scope or technical specification. From idea design to transport and delivery.Technical complexity, high quality and ease of installation go hand in hand.


Our product developers have high technical expertise and always collaborate with professional Poultry experts / Professional electricians to find the right technology and application solution that makes the work smoother and facilitates the electrician's practical everyday life. Good energy efficiency and light scattering without glare are combined with ease of use.

Short delivery times regardless of order.

With our own development, production and warehousing in Shenzhen China . our customers and retailers quickly get hold of products. In cases where a product is developed or adjusted, a ready-made solution and possible delivery is presented within only 2 months.

Private Label - That's it

1. What do you need?

Based on your idea, we work together on what technical specifications your future product should have and what it should look like. We find out exactly what your need looks like in terms of product characteristics, scope, components, price targets and what volume to produce.

2. Presentation of product and agreement

Now we move on to tailor the product to your wishes. It is at this stage that the entire design process and design gets underway with drawings and specific component choices. Which production method is most efficiently presented and we agree on prices and terms.

3. The advantages of the private label

* Based on Shenzhen China ,szAMB has the most perfect raw material supply chain, which could support a very quick components delivery service

* szAMB has strong R&D team with full knowledge and technology to develop the most advanced poultry lighting solutions ,every engineer are all shareholder in szAMB .They love and enjoy R&D new products for our partners to create more and more win-win cooperation

* szAMB R&D team works with worldwide poultry experts to develop the best lighting solution for different poultry application

* One to one sales service ,szAMB sales team always listen to customers ,16hours on-line service , You will always get reply very quick

* Marketing protection ,szAMB only works with distributors , We will be your manufacturer and partner to help you to win the market with the best quality and advanced technology .

We will revert to you asap.
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