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CCTV Rising China Column Interview szAMB New Technology Empowers Modern Poultry and Livestock IND

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    In order to discover outstanding companies in various industries in the new era, strengthen their brand development strategies, encourage brand companies to base themselves on honesty, operate with trust, and allow brands to convey China’s power and display China’s image, CCTV’s "Rising China" column focuses on decisive battles to get rid of poverty. A national enterprise that makes contributions by tackling tough problems and building a brand with integrity shows the sense of responsibility and social responsibility of contemporary enterprises.


      On March 30, the CCTV "Rise of China" column team walked into Shenzhen szAMB Technology Co., Ltd. and conducted an exclusive interview with szAMB general manager Yuan Lanlan and several szAMB employees. The column team also took pictures of szAMB  products, production lines and related figures.


      It is reported that "Rising China" is a large-scale studio talk show, created by CCTV shopping channel, highly focused on the trend of domestic products, Chinese technology trends and Chinese consumption trends, through dialogues with rising Chinese brands, empowering domestic products Explosive products stimulate market consumption and help alleviate poverty.


      szAMB Optoelectronics (hereinafter referred to as “szAMB”) was founded in Shenzhen in 2006, focusing on foreign markets in the early stage, and is one of the models for Chinese companies going overseas. Under the background that global intensive farming has gradually become the mainstream trend, szAMB is committed to researching the use of biological lighting that meets the visual perception of animals to promote the healthy growth of animals and improve the animal welfare environment, so as to promote faster, better and healthier poultry and livestock The growth of meat products improves the quality of meat products. In recent years, in order to follow the trend of the "Healthy China Strategy", szAMB has actively explored the domestic market to meet the increasing demand of domestic consumers for meat quality.

Comparing the traditional lighting concept with biological lighting that is in line with the visual perception of animals, it is more targeted to describe the lighting of poultry and livestock, so that animals can grow faster, better and healthier in a good lighting environment. It is this technology focus and innovation. Promoting szAMB to be at the forefront of the poultry and livestock lighting industry, and constantly set new records in the industry.

       It is understood that, following the groundbreaking development of a landmark intelligent bio-lighting dimming system, szAMB, as the drafting unit of industry group standards, drafted the "Poultry Feeding Lighting Technical Specifications" and "Pig Houses" in 2019 and 2020. The group standard of "Lighting Technical Specification". In 2021, with the strong support of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Association, we successfully hosted the online conference of "The First International Poultry and Livestock Lighting Technology Exchange Conference". In a short period of time, we organized and invited nearly 20 top domestic and foreign experts from around the world to be the keynote speakers of the conference. The professional point of view has built a solid bridge for the professional technical exchanges of livestock lighting in the global industry, and has established a benchmark brand image for promoting the development of global biological lighting and the continuous promotion of animal welfare.


       In an interview, Xu Dong, the president of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Association, said that the process of facility farming from intensive farming to the concept of animal welfare is realized with leading technology. szAMB is a key enterprise supported by the Association. The products developed by its long-term spectroscopy research technology have greatly improved the feed conversion rate, animal survival rate, litter rate, egg production rate and meat quality of animals in facility breeding. Improve and meet the requirements of leading international health foods. At the same time, we call on the country to promulgate laws related to animal welfare as soon as possible, and to be in line with international standards to achieve a state of civilized breeding. szAMB 's products are developed at a higher level of high energy conservation and extensive product application.


       Professor Tong Yuzhen, Deputy Dean of Dongguan Institute of Optoelectronics, Peking University and a special expert of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Association, said in an interview that szAMB has focused on the field of livestock lighting for more than ten years, with distinctive spectroscopy technology, and the biological lighting products it develops The calcium absorption of the pig herd, the stimulation of the growth and development of the boars, the change of coat color, the increase of the farrowing rate, the reduction of the stress effect, and the improvement of the breeding environment have a good promotion effect. We also hope that szAMB will promote the leading products and technologies. Go deeper and lead the development of the entire industry to set an example.


      In view of the outstanding contributions made by szAMB in the field of poultry, livestock and light breeding, as well as the promotion of enterprise development and the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the "Rising China" column organizing committee specially included it in the column's interview report list. During the interview, the "Rising China" column went deep into the Layer lighting production workshop, bioluminescence laboratory, R&D center, international sales center, etc., and used the lens to record in detail the innovative elements of szAMB and the good spirit of the team. . szAMB General Manager Yuan Lanlan, Deputy General Manager and Senior Engineer Liu Fangrong, National Sales Director Kevin, etc. accompanied the explanation.


       In an exclusive interview with CCTV's column group, General Manager Yuan Lanlan of szAMB pointed out that since its establishment, szAMB has focused on the research and development of the poultry and animal husbandry industry, through the actual experience of customers and market research. The company simulates the growth rhythm of animals "sunrise and sunset", and pioneered the research and development of intelligent biological light dimming systems based on different types of animals and their growth stages. The practice of developed countries with global intensive breeding has proved that a suitable biological lighting system can improve the meat quality and production performance of animals, promote the healthy growth of animals, greatly improve the economic benefits of livestock breeding, and increase income for breeding enterprises. Fundamentally provide more healthy meat for the society, and seeks the well-being of mankind.

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