Congratulations on the relocation of szAMB Group

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On March 20, 2021, facing the warm sunshine, which coincides with the spring equinox of China’s 24 solar terms, szAMB Group expanded its scale and now relocates the General Manager’s Office, Administration Department, R&D Department, Engineering Department, International Trade Department, and Finance Department to The second floor and the original fourth floor are all used for manufacturing and testing. In order to better serve customers and meet market demand, szAMB has expanded its scale to carry out a better breeding lighting system to the end and better serve the breeding enterprises. People want to work happily and live happily.

     Expanding the scale is always very joyful. Special thanks to the silent dedication of our Administration Department Manager Cai, who is busy and busy, and often gives warmth to the szAMB family, and leaves the hard work and back to himself. Thank you for the poor words but the hard work. Girl of 1992 years. Last night, she was busy with Kevin from the Sales Department, Steven and Manager Liu from the Marketing Department and left until 10 o'clock in the evening, just to make more preparations for the ceremony to be held the next day.

          With a brand-new attitude, szAMB Group will expand its ambitions and welcome a better tomorrow. Thanks to all the family members of szAMB, let us work hard to create more value for the society, and let us fight for the rise of Chinese national brands.

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