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New hens layers led poultry light released to the market

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Chickens or broilers have a different vision system than humans (Tetrachromats (4) vs. Trichromats (3))

Completely different spectral sensivity of the eye

szAMB LED poultry light szAMB LED poultry lamp

One green peak (555nm) vs four peaks (380nm, 480nm, 560nm, 630nm)

chicken led lamp,led lamp for chicken

Different wavelengths have different impacts on poultry performance

Poultry detects light through the eyes and photosensitive cells in the brain (extra retinal receptors)

Detecting red, blue & green                  Detecting red,blue,green & near-UV

Human eyes detecting red, blue & green peak green                       Detecting red,blue,green & near-UV All visible range is sensitive

Thanks  to Germany ,Columbia , Holland and Canada partner research and on-farm testing . It approved the szAMB white + red  switchable /mixed spectrum do a much better job than normal 3000k .It has 7 more advantages .

•Increased growth rate in first days after rearing

•Improved locomotion

•Improves sexual activity and enhanced production of reproductive hormones

•Feed consumption reduced (up to 20%) per egg laid, with no differences in egg

•Improved laying performance while extending peak production period

•Less cannibalism (à LESS MEDICINE) (weaker or injured poultry can‘t be determined due red illumination)

•Less feather picking