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What kind of lights should you choose for your poultry farms

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What kind of lights should you choose for your poultry farms ?

1 :Right Light Spectrum -  The key point of poultry growing .So choose a right light spectrum will diectly effect poultry growth situation 

2: Best dimming Technology- Patent 0.2%-100% non-flicker dimming technology Simulating sunrise and sunset 
    offering the best lever light for poultry diffferent growth cycle

3: Unique Structure design-Engineered to operate in the harsh chicken house or Dairy barn ,IP66,V Shape ,rotating end caps maximise product presentation

4:Smart control system- We offer Intelligent Dimming&Timing Control System which could be Manual Control and also Auto-Programming Operation 

5: Top quality components-All components we used are 5years warranty time with  Shatter-proof ,anti-ammonia,Vibration resistant

6 :Easy and quick Installations -  Quick connectors on each light ,Offer Custom size extension cables male and female connector ,T-Connectors for a quick lines extension, Variety Installation kits for  different applications such as ceiling mounting, roof mounting or suspension 

We are the only factory producing this LED poultry light in the world at the moment . Hopefully we will have a win-win cooperation in 2018  

If you need some samples to test and compare . Please feel free to contact us 

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