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szAMB Outreach Activity

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Create hand in hand, Enjoy hapiness together,  Harmoniously Win-Win

----szAMB Outreach Activity

In order to strengthen the main team building of our company, enhance employees' sense of responsibility, execution, cohesiveness, and mutual exchange among employees, foster teamwork and collaboration among colleagues, departments, From 23th to 24th, March, 2019, the elite of szAMB participated in a two-day and one-night team development training" 

This event is a baptism for us" It is full of laughter, sweat, trust, touch, and rewarding!

It was full of laughter, sweat,  trust and harvest"

After experiencing the joy of success that came from dedication, collaboration and courage,

Everyone deeply felt the essence of "responsibility, cooperation and confidence" and the responsibilities of being part of a team"

We felt what is the power of the team impressively, were moved for teammates"

We were also moved by ourselves

We are proud of our teammates and ourselves!

This outreach activity has enhanced our cohesion, combat effectiveness and executive capbility,  stimulates the potential of our team

In the future, the team of AMB will continue to work together to provide customers with higher quality products and the best service!

Towards a higher and further goal forward!

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