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Why choose AMB led high bay

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LED High Bays can dramatically reduce your electricity and maintenance costs

The experts at Every Watt Matters have heard our customer’s concerns about their existing Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor and T5 & T8 lighting.

1. High electricity and maintenance cost
2. Inadequate Light Levels that causes safety issues
3. Cannot hook lights to a motion sensor or bi-level controls
4. Significantly reduced operating life compared to what was advertised
5. Rapid lumen degradation
6. Very frequent re-tubing of fluorescent fixtures, when fixtures are hooked up to an occupancy sensor
7. Long start up time
8. Cannot dim

AMB LED High Bay Solution

1. BEST IN CLASS –Shenzhen Made with CE(EMC&LVD) .ETL approve(4007840) ,UL1598 ,CSA C22.2 NO.250.0-08 Design Lights Consortium (DLC)LED High Bays, PSE.SAA. RoHS
2. 6,808 - 33,743 lumens
3. Solutions to replace 175 - 1000W HID and T5 HO
4. 100-277V and 347-480V options
5. Mounting heights: 12-80 ft
6. Guaranteed lower cost and better light is a phone call away: 0086-13424300101

Why LED High Bays solve many of these issues

1. Bridgelux technology break through has increased lumens/watt and the cost/lumen has decreased dramatically.
2. We can now replace 400W, 800W and even 1000W HID lights with LED cost effectively
3. AMB LED High Bays have extremely long lifetimes as measured independently by the certified L70 testing method (over 133,000 hours); essentially eliminates bulb and ballast replacements for 15+ years of continuous 24/7 use
4. Instant on – Instant off; allows for the use of motion sensors and bi-level controls without affecting the life of the LED
5. Dimming capability and wifi controls allows for customized light levels
6. Extremely low lumen degradation means light levels are maintained for many more years than HID’s
7. High CRI (75+) means high quality of lumens
8. Reduce energy consumption by more than 50%. With wifi controls and motion sensors, energy consumption can drop by as much as 80%
9. The availability of optics: 120° (standard), 60°, 135° and Diffused lenses allows us to install the lights in 80’ high ceiling environments that would be difficult to impossible for tube and induction solutions. The lights also perform well in low ceiling environments


Not all LED High Bays will do the job - Here’s why AMB High Bays are better!

1. Shenzhen Made, SGS,TUV,ISO9001 Compliant
2. Safety certifications and tested by ETL , CSA ,CE,SAA,PSE Listed ( USA Canada Europe, Oceania ,Japan)
3. Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Listed (requirement to qualify for utility rebates)
4. 150w led high bay has been awarded "BEST IN CLASS" LED High Bay
5. We are able to replace 175W - 1000W+ HID High Bays
6. You need a sufficient amount of lumens and optics to be able to upgrade large facilities that are currently using 1000W HID’s. Ceiling heights over 30’ will require the addition of optics. We are able to upgrade facilities with ceiling heights as high as 80 ft
7. We offer a no-cost, no-obligation 30 day trial
8. We can do a 1 for 1 replacement; we do not have to increase fixture count. And in some cases, we have done a 1 for 2 replacement.

400W and 1000W HID replacement
The amount of lumens you require depends on many factors including:
1. Mounting height
2. Reflectivity of surfaces
3. Availability of ambient light

Every Watt Matters experts years of experience in replacing HID and fluorescent High Bays. Before we make a recommendation, we’ll measure or determine:
1. Current light levels
2. Existing mounting heights and spacing between lights
3. What are your biggest concerns
4. Your cost of electricity

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