Why choosing AMB poultry light

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AMB Poultry Light has:

1. Best Lighting Spectrum

AMB develops the best lighting spectrum to help improve the chicken egg and meat production.

2. Best Structure Design

AMB poultry light is V-shape design with More space for LED and Driver heat transmission. We use two PCB in a V-shape aluminum heat sink. LED life-span will be much longer by offering enough space and heat sink. We only use 47%-53% of the LED power consumption, which can ensure a lower heat consumption, higher lighting efficiency and longer life-span.

3. Best Materials + Components

Considering there will be Periodic cleaning in harsh Dairy or chicken house, Waterproof is very important. AMB Poultry light is Structural waterproofing design which pass IP67 testing. As we know Structural waterproofing is much better than Glue waterproof, thanks to the design it does not effect by time. But Glue has a short life-span which is easy to become yellow ,Dry , if the glue does not work someday you can image how dangerous it is.

We use 100% PC+PMMA housing and Nylon end cap for male/female connectors,  besides, we use always rubber cable to avoid the corrosion from chemical materials(Ammonia, urine, weak acid, weak alkaline).

4. Best Dimming Technology

We are the best in the world in Triac Dimming efficiency from 0.2-100% without any flickers (key factor for poultry growth ) - simulated the sunrise and sunset.

5. Best and Quickest Installation

Male and female fast connection, plug and play.

6. Best Control system

We offer Intelligent Dimming&Timing Control System, Manual Control & Auto-Programming Operation.

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