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Dairy Barn Lighting

Dairy barn light system

Happy cows make happy farmers. Thanks to the recent installation of specially szAMB Smart ZLC designed ultra-energy-efficient LED lighting, the dairy farm of all size has dramatically reduced operational expenses and improved milk production.

led dairy farm light decade ago the added costs may have outweighed the benefits, but the tables have turned. Today, szAMB smart ZLC ultra-efficient LED lighting can deliver a much higher output and better quality of light while actually reducing energy consumption — and costs — by as much as 90% compared to traditional fixtures.

Dairy barn LED lighting  


When it comes time to build or improve dairy barns , look to szAMB specialist to help them create a state-of-the-art environment for your herd. Sustainable lighting solution complements a facility's infrastructure, szAMB smart high-efficiency Linear LED high bay and ZLC  lighting fixtures.

Dairy barn lighting projects in USA


In 2003, a report was published by the Research Institute for Animal Husbandry, which showed farmers that improving the lighting inside their milking barn would encourage the cows to produce more milk. And recently, Oklahoma State University study found that cows living in areas of the barn outfitted with suitable LED fixtures produced 6 percent more milk than those housed in spots using fluorescent lighting. The average LED-lit cow delivered an extra half gallon of milk per day.

Dairy barn lighting -Milking roomDairy barn LED lighting from China szAMB

This gives the szAMB clients a significant advantage when it comes to both human and animal comfort and safety. The clear, crisp white light enables workers in the barn to see colors properly, more easily spot injuries or other animal welfare issues and clearly identify the animals. By virtue of their lower profile and overall smaller footprint, the linear LED high bays also collect less dust and dirt, which helps keep the barn clean. And, Standard LEDs emit no ultraviolet light, don't attract flies, which helps control pollution, annoyance, and reduces spread of disease.


With their instant-on capability and sunrise&sunset smoothly lighting on function. the szAMB linear high bay eliminate the problematic warm-up period commonly associated with conventional lighting, allowing our clients to turn the lights on and off as needed, further reducing energy consumption. And, when ample sunshine shines into barn the lights can be dimmed to just 4W output to supplement the natural light for an even greater energy savings of up to 95% compared to traditional lighting that would be either fully on or completely off.

Smart dimming system can effectively establish the circadian clock of cows and improve their light welfare


Smart lighting controller system have sunrise&sunset function,It will helps lots to lower the dairy owner in control of energy use, allowing our client to save electricity and money without compromising on light quality, visibility or safety. And, like many farmers, the customers used to spend time changing bulbs and fixtures. Because the szAMB LED linear fixture are maintenance free, they will now enjoy worry-free performance.


The proof is in the production:

• 6.4% milk production increase under LEDs

• about 4 lbs of milk per day per cow

• $0.57 per day per cow

• per 100 cow herd equal roughly $21,000 per year

best Dairy barn lighting solution

As a result of the dramatic increase in production and the lower total cost of ownership and  electricity costs, szAMB now includes it's specially designed LED system as part of its package offering to the dairy farm market. With quick change-out and one-to-one replacement that yields at least 70% energy savings, the prospect of energy-efficient LED lighting could be the most innovative thing to hit the milk business since the milk robot.



Lamp Type                Power (W)          Color Rendition  Index       Efficiency (LM/W)                 Lamp Life   (Hours)       

Incandescent              60-200                        100                            15-20                             750-1000

Halogen                     50-150                        100                            18-25                             2,000-3,000

Fluorecent                  32-95                         70-95                          81-98                             750-1000

szAMB LED                  9-300                        80-98                         130-170                       80,000-100,000




szAMB LED linear fixture has all in one function , dimmable watts from 4w to 100w , color changeable offer the best quality lighting for different Barn application and different stage ,


Because the active vitamin D produced by sun exposure promotes calcium absorption. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol in the basal layer of human skin into vitamin D3 through photochemical reaction, which is absorbed into the blood and then through the action of hydroxylase in liver and kidney to produce active vitamin D.


Active vitamin D can exert biological effects in intestinal tract, kidney, bone and other tissues and organs, thereby promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Although some vitamin D can also be obtained through food, about 80% of it is still synthesized through these routes.


Therefore, insufficient sun exposure can cause vitamin D deficiency, thereby affecting the effect of calcium supplementation. Affect the absorption of calcium, ultraviolet ray can promote the absorption of calcium, no ultraviolet light for a long time, animals can by calcium in the body and cause osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia and other diseases, resistance to drop, there is no right of light can cause decreased body resistance, frail, does not have the right light, blood circulation and metabolism slows down, affect the development of the animal's normal growth and physiological balance.

SzAMB ZLC linear lighting starts with an effective design. The design process consists of three steps:


Determine required illumination levels Light intensity is measured in lumens.

The unit of illumination in the English system is the foot-candle (fc). Illumination is the amount of light striking a surface at some given distance from the light source.

In the metric system illumination is measured in lux (lumen per square meter).

One foot-candle is equal to about 10 lux. Work Area or Task Illumination Level (foot-candle) 

Feeding Area 10

Milking Area 20 

Milk Room 20

General Lighting 20 

Washing Area 100

  Bulk Tank Interior 100 

 Loading Platform 20

  Utility or Equipment Room 20

  Office 50


In dairy barns, the lighting requirements to stimulate additional feeding activity that results in increased milk production must provide the following:

(1) 10 to 20 footcandles of illumination in the feeding area of the barn

(2)) a 16 to 18 hour time period at this level of light

(3) ) a continuous dark period of 6 to 8 hours. Providing illumination for 24 hours a day does not yield any additional production or animal health benefits when compared to 13.5 hours of illumination.



Lamp Life

Lamp life is the time a lamp operates at its designed level. The more energy efficient lamps also have the longest useful life.


Starting Temperature

Starting temperature is generally only important when selecting a lighting system for a cold environment.


Incandescent lamps perform well at cold temperatures (-20°F). The minimum starting temperature for most fluorescent lamps is 50° F, except those equipped with cold starting ballast. Warm-up periodIncandescent and halogen lamps do not have a warm-up period.


Fluorescent lamps have a slight starting delay, but it is not significant.

All of the high intensity discharge lamps have a significant warm-up period which can range from 1 to 15 minutes. Color The color, or degree of whiteness, of a light source is defined by the color rendition index (CRI). A CRI of 80 or more is required for color matching tasks.

The quality of the light in a work area must be considered in addition to the quantity and efficiency.

The quality of the lighting installation is not only influenced by the color of the light source but also by the light uniformity, spacing, glare, and reflectance of the surfaces in the room.


Glare is the result of excess light that is in the normal line of sight in the work area. Glare is defined as any brightness in the field of vision that causes discomfort, reduction in vision, or eye fatigue (ASAE, 1993). Glare may come directly from the fixture or be reflected from a glossy surface.

Fixture positions and surface reflectivity influence the amount of glare. Fixtures should be mounted above the line of sight to reduce glare



Since dairy barns are damp and dusty environments, either type UF or nonmetallic conduit may

be used for wiring. All cable or conduit should be attached to interior building surfaces and should never be concealed in the walls, ceiling, attic, or hay mow. If cable is used, it must be installed in a location where it cannot be damaged. All light fixtures must have a gasket, be fabricated of corrosion resistant materials, and be rated

for wet locations (watertight).


The best lighting system provides the required amount and quality of light at the

least cost. LED light or Fluorescent or metal halide lamps that have a color rendition index of 80 or more are recommended for use in the office and milk room. In stanchion or tie-stall barns with

relative low mounting heights, Linear LED lamps are the most practical. The total installation and operating costs of the system must be considered when selecting a fixture type and lamp size.

Make sure that all new fixtures and wiring conform to local requirements for livestock buildings and have all new work inspected.

 color changable led linear fixture




Innovative design for replacing metal halides or T8/T5 fluorescent fixtures. Aluminum alloy light body is excellent heat   dissipation.

Frost cover glass cover or PMMA cover with  anti-glaring.

High luminous efficacy 140-170  LM/W.




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