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Dairy Barn Lighting

Microwave LED Ceiling Light

This is a microwave sensor switches controlled LED lights,the microwave sensor was built into the lamp ,it has 108pcs high brightness LEDs inside ,with total power of 15 watts.which can generate almost the same brightness when compared to 150 watt incandescent lamp,the microwave sensor switch is a new type automatic switch that comes after voice switch ,and infrared sensor switch .The detection way has the below advantages compared with other as follows: 
1. non-contact detection, 
2. Suitable for bad environment, immune to temperature, humidity, noise,  air, dust, light…
3.RF interference ability, 
4.Transmission power only 0.2 mW, It will not harm the human body. Simple installation+ easy wiring. 

We adopt this sensitive advanced sensor switchs in lighting control, enabling the light to turn on automatically when one comes , automatically turn off when one goes out In addition to the widely usage in the aisle stairs ,living room and bedrooms , it also can be installed in the bathroom.

The built-in microwave sensor switch can penetrate plastic, glass, wood . So it can be installed in glass or plastic shell lamp This allows the application of microwave sensor switch in different styles of lights for energy control. Now, we can provide a variety of microwave sensor LED lamps to meet the needs of different people with different preferences.

Model:                     Pluto -MS- 15W
Power source:          AC220-240V
Power frequency:     50Hz
Rated load:              15W Max.
HF system:               5.8GHz CW electric wave, ISM wave band
Transmission power: <0.2mW
Time setting:            3sec to 20min (adjustable)
Detection range:       2-10m (radii.), adjustable
Light-control:            10-2000LUX
Standby power:         <0.9W
Detection angle:        360°
Luminous flux:           1500lm
Installation height:     2.5-3.5m (ceiling mount)
Weight:                     1.15 kg
LED quanlity:             108PCS
LED specifications:     T5050

Online customer service
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